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As the Official Training Equipment of Major League Baseball, ATEC training equipment is used daily by every team in the Major Leagues. ATEC is also the top choice of baseball and fast pitch coaches of collegiate, high school and youth league programs across the nation. For more than 35 years, ATEC has designed and manufactured precision training machines and equipment. Meeting the training needs of teams and individuals, at home in the backyard or on the practice field, ATEC has earned an unmatched reputation for performance, accuracy and durability.

ATEC has patented an innovative control system for their pitching machines that allow for “micro adjustments.” As any serious player or coach knows, good pitchers move the ball around, and practice needs to mimic game situations as closely as possible. ATEC has perfected precision pitches and once the machine is “locked in” to a spot, coaches can use the micro adjustments to move the ball around the strike zone simulating those top-level pitchers. That is a very powerful tool for a high school, college, or professional player using ATEC pitching machines.

With ATEC you can “Train up to feel like you are playing down”. ATEC offers a complete line of baseball and softball training machines including the M1, the Hummer, The M2, The R2, The R3, and the new flagship of the ATEC pitching machine line, the ATEC M3.

The ATEC R2 is the machine that machine-pitch youth leagues were built around because of its all-around reliability and performance. This R2 delivers consistent fastballs and throws the best defensive training drills on the field... for any level of play!

The ATEC R3 Baseball Pitching Machine brings the flair with the affordable price. Taking efficiency and performance to a whole new level for 1-wheeled machines, the R3 delivers the most realistic baseball release point of any machine.

The ATEC M2 Baseball & Softball Pitching Machine is an improved version of the popular Casey Pitching Machine series. The Casey 2 featured a new LED variable speed display and 360° tripod. The new M2 tripod has a unique center of gravity design and can handle the most specific of training needs. 

The ATEC M3 Pitching Machine offers a pinpoint control system that instantly delivers the pitch anywhere around the strike zone at the users request. The M3 is the Official Machine of Major League Baseball.

ATEC also offers a complete line of quality hitting nets, protective screens, batting cages, and pitching machine balls for all levels of play, and for any budget. Please call one of the ATEC experts at Instant Baseball with any questions.