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Another Win for the Big Ten

This week the Big Ten Conference received more good news, Tom Izzo the men’s head basketball coach at Michigan State University has decided to stay put instead of jumping the NBA to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Izzo had the potential to make up to $6 million per year in the NBA, doubling his current salary at Michigan State. 

Contracts Aren't Made to be Broken

Darrelle Revis is making headlines in the New York Jets minicamp because he is being very vocal about his displeasure over his landmark contract he received in 2007 after being picked 14th overall.  The basics of his contract are that it is a 6 year $30 million dollar contract.  There is guaranteed money in it and it is a sliding scale by year and he has the option to void the last two years of his contract, etc., however the point is he would receive $30 million over a 6 year period! 

Goalkeeper Errors and Heroics Early Theme of World Cup

With Saturdays tie against heavily favored England, the United States have put themselves in an excellent position to advance past the group stage, something they failed to do in 2006. In order to do so, they must take care of business and get wins as favorites against Slovenia and Algeria.

Metal Bats Versus Wooden Bats, the Age Old Debate

The metal bat versus wooden bat debate is not a new one, but there was an incident in my community a few weeks ago and another one at a high school in California a month ago that has brought it to my attention again.  A high school junior in California was struck by a line drive off a metal bat that fractured his skull.  He was in a coma for three weeks and his parents were prepared for the worst as there was not brain activity for several days.  He did make a remarkable recovery and is now walking and talking.  A less severe injury, but one that took place in my own com

Great Win for the Blackhawks, but When will it be the Cubs Turn?

This week the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup ending a drought that dates back to 1961, so 49 odd years.  The city of Chicago is going to have a parade and preparing themselves for an onslaught of happy supporters to the downtown area to support their Blackhawks.  I am happy for the Blackhawks, but I will have to admit I am not a hockey fan.  I am however a diehard Chicago Cubs fan, who has their own version of a draught going. 

How To Install A Basketball Post - Author: Jeff Roth

 To install a basketball goal post in the ground it is important to first determine if you want to install a "permanent" post or a "removable" post.

Top 5 Adjustable Basketball Goal Designs - Author: Jeff Roth

When choosing an adjustable basketball goal there are several options available when it comes to the adjustment "method" for moving the basket up and down. Below you will find a synopsis of the five most popular adjustment styles and the benefits of each.

The Breaking up of a Power Conference?

Unique Sports is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the heart of Hawkeye and Big Ten country.  I have been a life-long Hawkeye fan through the thick and the thin.  I for one am excited of the recent talk of Nebraska moving to the Big Ten away from the Big 12.  It creates an instant rivalry between my beloved Iowa Hawkeyes and the Nebraska Cornhuskers.   Logistically it makes sense and it also makes sense financially for the Big Ten as they are now talking about creating a, what would be a very lucrative, league championship game and would broaden the reach of its c

Huskers To The Big 10…RIP Big 12

The Big 10, which has 11 teams, will add a 12th. Now the question is….will the Big “Ten” hold at 12 teams or push to 14?  Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany still has interest in Notre Dame and Rutgers.  Missouri is also appears to still be a possibility….however there is speculation that Delany may stop (for now) with Nebraska to avoid the perception that the Big Ten has caused college football Armageddon.

Where has the sportsmanship gone?

As I have previously blogged, I am a baseball purist.  I played the game through college and a few years beyond in a semi-pro league.  I also had a pitching coach in college that played professional baseball and another coach that played high Division I baseball and they taught me a lot of how the game is supposed to be played.  There are several unwritten rules in baseball that needs to be followed in order to play the game right. 

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