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Pitching Machines



Fastball and curveball pitching machines are found on nearly all youth league, middle school, high school and college baseball fields, batting cages and training facilities across the country. Single wheel and dual wheel machines can be a vital training tool for effective batting practices.

Consistent pitches in the strike zone allow ball players to focus their swing mechanics and technique. Baseball and softball coaches all agree that younger players will develop more quickly using machines in hitting practice, as it gives them an opportunity to work on their player's swing without fear of wild pitches and injury. Unique Sports offers a wide selection of fastball & curveball pitching machines for baseball or softball from JUGS, First Pitch, ATEC, BATA, Zooka, Heater, and more.

Choose from affordable single-wheel machines from First Pitch like the Original or Baseline, or make an investment in a dual-wheel machine that will grow with your player. Breaking ball machines like the JUGS Curveball Baseball Pitching Machine or the ATEC Casey Pro 3G offer pitch speeds greater than 100 MPH and throw a variety of pitches including curves, sliders, knuckleballs, drop balls, and more.

Many pitching manufacturers also offer combination pitching machines that can quickly be converted from baseball to softball in minutes. Combo pitching machines from JUGS, ATEC, & First Pitch are ideal solutions for schools or youth programs, and batting cage facilities that cater to both baseball and softball players.

Arm-style pitching machines from ATEC or Iron Mike are popular choices for commercial batting cages or high traffic practice facilities. These mechanical pitching machines are intuitive, easy to use and maintain, and are ideal for semi-permanent or permanent installation or where you do not have a need to move your pitching machine often.

Unique Sports has also assembled a number of pitching machine packages from JUGS, ATEC, and Heater that combine cage with machines for complete baseball and softball practices.

If you would like to discuss which pitching machine solution might be the best investment for your program or player, please do not hesitate to call the Unique Sports Customer Care Team at 1-800-297-0747. Our team of former players and coaches are experienced in the use of these machines in different practice environments, and would love to discuss which baseball or softball pitching machine fits your specific needs.