BATA Automatic Ball Feeder

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BATA Baseball Machines, Inc. is the manufacturer of baseball and softball pitching machines, batting cages, and accessories. We have been the industry leaders in advanced technology and innovation since 1991!

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 20-Baseball Auto-Feeder - (Dimpled baseballs only)


 15-Softball Auto-Feeder - (Dimpled softballs only)


 20-Bb / 15-Sb Auto-Feeder - (Dimpled Bb or Sb only)

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One dozen free BATA dimpled balls with the purchase of a Pitching Machine and Auto Feeder!

  •  20-Baseball Auto-Feeder - (Dimpled baseballs only)

  •  15-Softball Auto-Feeder - (Dimpled softballs only)

  •  20-Bb / 15-Sb Auto-Feeder - (Dimpled Bb or Sb only)


  • Feeds balls at 6 second intervals
  • Adjustable metal tripod stand
  • Durable ABS Housing
  • May be used with any machine
  • Operates off 110 Volt AC
  • Available with cordless remote and cord remote on/off switch
  • 2-year limited warranty

BATA Baseball Machines, Inc. is the manufacturer of baseball and softball pitching machines, batting cages, and accessories. We have been the industry leaders in advanced technology and innovation since 1991. Our products are the choice of many major-league teams, and are MADE IN THE USA. BATA machines have steadily become recognized as the best pitching machines on the market.Our machines are used by several pro organizations, including the San Diego Padres, Arizona Diamondbacks, Toronto Blue Jays, Chicago Whitesox, Anaheim Angels, Oakland A's, Los Angeles Dodgers, Seattle Mariners.

Our product line includes: the state-of-the-art 2Pitch3, Twin-Pitch, traditional BATA-2, the original 2Pitch Sidewinder, and economical BATA-1, B1-Curveball, as well as Baseball and Softball Auto-Ball-Feeders.

What makes BATA machines better than others?

We are asked this question often, so we are thankful for the opportunity to explain the differences.There are some important factors to consider when evaluating a pitching machine:

  • The type of construction. BATA machines are made of solid steel.
  • There are no sand-castings or plastic on the frames or stands.
  • The motors and electronics. Permanent magnet DC motors and solid-state electronic controls.
  • The wheels. As explained below, BATA wheels are the most effective design.
  • Ease of use. BATA machines are simple to set up, easy to adjust, easy to transport.
  • Capacity. We have machines suited for players of all levels, priced accordingly.

Accuracy- BATA machines are the only machines that use our unique Goodyear Rubber Soft Tread pitching wheels. Our Soft Tread wheels are solid, die-cast, flat-faced rubber treads, molded and vulcanized onto a machined aluminum core. The result is better accuracy, more speed, and better consistency than competitive brands.

Bottom line, BATA gives you more machine for your money!


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BATA Baseball Machines, Inc. was founded in 1991. Since then, BATA pitching machines have progressively become renowned as the preeminent baseball practice machines available. BATA baseball and softball hitting machines are common sights on MLB fields including the Padres, Diamondbacks, Blue Jays, White Sox, Angels, A's, Dodgers, & Mariners.

BATA baseball and softball pitching machines are made of solid steel. There are no sand castings or any plastic on the frames or stands. BATA uses only first-class American made, permanent magnet DC motors and solid-state controls. BATA pitching machines are designed with a solid, soft-tread wheel with Goodyear Rubber tread molded and vulcanized onto a precision-machined solid aluminum core. The aluminum core is precision-machined to within .005". BATA wheels are balanced to within ½ gram per foot. BATA machines are intended to use regulation real leather balls and BATA Dimpled Baseballs and Softballs.

The B1-Curveball and the 2Pitch3 throw the toughest breaking curves. Because there it is a single wheel-pitching machine, the wheels on these machines spin much faster than the wheels on the BATA-2. This combined with the fact that the compression pad is equal to a wheel spinning at no speed, the B1 and the 2Pitch3 put more spin on the ball than the BATA-2. The BATA-2 and the Twin Pitch are the preeminent machines for softball. The 2-wheel design of the BATA-2 allows you to regulate the quantity of spin on the ball, so you can pitch pitches that "rise", sink a little, sink a lot, tail, etc. The Twin Pitch permits you to pitch a fastball and a change-up in one set up.

BATA pitching machine automatic ball feeders hold up to 20 dimpled baseballs or 15 dimpled softballs, and can be converted from one to the other. Remote switches and other accessories for your BATA pitching machine are also available.

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