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The Heater Crusher Mini Lite Pitching Machine
  • Heater Crusher Curve Mini Lite Pitching Machine
  • Heater Crusher Curve Mini Lite Pitching Machine
  • Heater Crusher  Mini Lite Pitching Machine
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Crusher Curve

List Price: $109.99
Our Price: $98.95
You Save: $11.04
SKU #: CR99
  • Free Shipping! (Delivers in 7 - 14 business days)
  • Pitch Type: 
    Fastballs & Breaking Balls
  • Ball Type:
    Mini Balls
  • Top Speed: 
    Simulated 45 - 60 MPH
  • Weight:
    10.6 lbs
Out of stock
CR99 = Crusher Curve AC Model . CR129 = Crusher Curve With 4 Hour Battery. CR169 = Crusher Curve With 8 Hour Battery. . .We are proud to offer FREE standard shipping within the continental U.S. (Delivers in 7 - 14 business days).
List Price: $109.99 Our Price: $98.95 You Save: $11.04 New

Heater Crusher Curve

  • CR99 = Crusher Curve AC Model 
  • CR129 = Crusher Curve With 4 Hour Battery
  • CR169 = Crusher Curve With 8 Hour Battery

Heater Crusher Curve is a top of the line variable speed mini lite ball pitching machine.  This machine comes with powerful dual motors that will throw mini lite balls with amazing accuracy.  The Heater Crusher Curve will simulate speeds up to 45 MPH from 18’ and will throw curveballs as well.  The 24 ball capacity bucket style auto feeder and dual variable speed motors will throw those curveballs or fastballs with amazing accuracy every 9 seconds. 

You can plug the Heater Crusher Curve into any standard wall outlet or select a battery powered model/ This machine is very light weight at 10.6 lbs. and portable so use it indoors, outdoors, or even your basement!  Heater is so convinced you will love this machine they offer a 30 days money back guarantee, plus it is covered by a 1 year parts and labor manufacturer’s warranty.  It you can hit the Heater Crusher Curve mini lite balls, imagine what you will be able to do in the game!


  • Dual variable speed motors capable of throwing 45 MPH at 18’
  • Light weight and portable at 10.6 lbs.
  • Throws curveballs and fastballs
  • A/C or battery operated options
  • Legs are adjustable to adjust pitch height
  • Easy assembly and easy taking down for storage
  • 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty
  • Rugged composite for protection from motors

About Heater

The Heater line of products by Trend Sports was developed to fit a lower price point need for pitching machines, batting cages, solo trainers, balls, and training aids.

The goal of Trend Sports is to provide a quality product that is affordable so everyone that wants the opportunity to improve their game in their own backyard now can afford to.  The Heater line is innovative, durable, well constructed, and most of all affordable!

With FREE SHIPPING on every order, we think this line of pitching machines and baseball / softball equipment represent an incredible value!

About Us

Unique-Sports has been a trusted resource for sporting goods, training aids, and sports facility products for over 13 years. We are considered an invaluable online resource for athletes, coaches, youth leagues, and scholastic sports programs across the United States. Our team is comprised of former athletes, current coaches, and sports enthusiasts that have hands on experience in the use and benefit of every product we sell. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-297-0747. A member of the Unique-Sports customer service team will be happy to research any product, brand, or line you are interested in. We are here to help you customize a solution for your exact needs, & make equipment recommendations based on the intended use. Our prices, selection, and quality are unbeatable - but our love of the game... that's what makes us UNIQUE!