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JUGS Softball Pitching Machine

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The JUGS Softball Pitching Machine is the official softball machine of both the ASA & the USA Softball Teams. If you want to BE the best, then USE the best...and it doesn't get any better than JUGS! - 5 Year Warranty,

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  • Max Speed: 60 Mph
  • Ball Type: Softball Dimple Balls
  • Pitches Thrown: Fastballs, Risers, Drops
  • Defensive Drills: Pop ups, Ground balls, Line Drives
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Weight 75 lbs
  • Power Source: 110 volt AC or 1000 watt generator required to operate
  • Recommended Age: 8-Adult
  • Made in USA
  • (1) 1/4 horsepower motors, 3 amps each
  • 360 degree swivel
  • 90 Degree vertical pivot
  • Special non-marking pneumatic tires
  • Choose either the M1105= w/ cart or the M1100= w/o cart
JUGS JUGS Softball Pitching Machine JUGS Softball Pitching Machine Patented "always see the ball" delivery system. We are proud to offer FREE standard shipping within the continental U.S. (Delivers in 7 - 10 business days) M1100 1240.00 Unique Sports In Stock
The JUGS Softball Pitching Machine is known for its versatility and excellence, it has been named “Official softball machine of ASA & USA Softball Teams”.  This top of the line softball pitching machine from JUGS throws a variety of  pitches including fastballs, risers, and drops at a very realistic release point with its “always see the ball” delivery system.  The JUGS Softball Pitching Machine throws at a top speeds of 60 MPH and has perfect arching tosses for slowpitch teams. The JUGS Softball Pitching Machine with its swivel design base casting provides 360 degree movement so it can also be used to help improve fielding by simulating pop-ups, fly balls, and ground balls. 

The JUGS Softball Pitching Machine weighs 75 lbs. and the transport wheels make it easy to roll into place without having to lift up the machine.  With the removable legs the JUGS Softball Pitching Machine can be loaded into the trunk of a car and moved when practice is over.  Powered by one 0.25 horsepower motor this pitching machine has plenty of power.  Built with an in-line switch option it allows for immediate stops for safety. This pitching machine is also feeder compatible for one-person use.

The JUGS Softball Pitching Machine is widely used in backyard batting cages, High Schools, and Colleges. The JUGS Softball Pitching Machine also comes with a 5 year warranty.  This superior quality machine will allow you to throw a variety of pitches, work on defensive drills, and do it all at an affordable price.  The JUGS Softball Pitching Machine has established itself as the most popular and widely used softball pitching machine in the world.

  • Patented "always see the ball" delivery system
  • Digital readout display
  • Portable and easy to move and set up. Weighs just 75 lbs. One person can remove the legs and load the JUGS in the trunk of a car.
  • Throws 11" or 12" softballs, JUGS Sting-Free softballs, JUGS Lite-Flite softballs, JUGS Softie softballs and the JUGS Bulldog polyballs.
  • Special non-marking pneumatic tire.
  • Great for offensive or defensive drills.
  • Realistic underhand delivery.
  • Swivel-design base provides 360 degree movement for fly balls, pop-ups and ground balls.
  • JUGS Softball Pitching Machine comes standard with a 12" chute (11" chute sold separately).
  • Runs on 110-volt AC, 1000-watt Yamaha EF1000iS generator or the NEW Complete Practice Battery Pack. 

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The first JUGS product, a curve ball pitching machine, has developed into one of the most revolutionary training aids for all phases of the game of baseball. Other JUGS products which have spun off of this original concept are causing just as much excitement in their respective areas. Throughout the research and development of every JUGS product, John Paulson's methodology remained consistent - observe how athletes practice their respective sport, then develop machinery that would help these athletes improve to their highest possible level.

Now, teams in seven other sports are enjoying better practices because of JUGS products. Besides softball, there are now JUGS machines for baseball, football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, tennis, and even the British Commonwealth's national sport - cricket! Today, over 85,000 teams use a JUGS machine at their practices. In fact, the most widely used pitching machines in the world are made by JUGS.

JUGS softball pitching machines can be a very important part of a coaches or parents’ practice with their players or children. Experienced softball players use these hitting machines to hone their swinging technique or defensive skills and can learn to hit all types of breaking balls with effectiveness on these powerful pitching machines. Younger players will develop much faster using pitching machines as it gives them an opportunity to work on the proper mechanics without fear of wild pitches and injury. First and foremost teaching the proper mechanics is the most important part of coaching youth softball and then practicing those mechanics over and over again using the proper equipment including pitching machines follows that.

Buying an JUGS softball pitching machine should be a long term investment, so you want to make sure you take the time to pick the right machine. JUGS pitching machines (also in some parts of the country called batting machines, baseball machines, hitting machines, etc..) is a must have for a serious softball team and can be very beneficial to help an individual player. JUGS softball pitching machines throw consistent strikes and can throw a wide variety of pitches allowing a hitter to focus on their hitting mechanics, which is the most important thing when learning to hit. JUGS pitching machines come with a wide variety of features and come at a wide variety of price points, so do your research to make sure you are getting the right pitching machine for you.

Unique-Sports has been a trusted resource for JUGS softball pitching machines, JUGS Batting Cages, and JUGS softball pitching machine accessories for over 13 years. Unique-Sports is an invaluable on-line resource for softball players, softball coaches, softball leagues, and scholastic softball programs across the United States. The Unique-Sports team is comprised of former softball players, softball coaches, andsoftball enthusiasts that have hands on experience in the use and benefit of all the JUGS softball pitching machines we sell. If you have any questions about this JUGS softball batting machine please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-297-0747.

A member of the Unique-Sports team will be happy to research any JUGS softball hitting machine product or another softball pitching machine line you may be interested in, help you customize a solution for your exact needs, or make pitching machine recommendations based on your budget or intended use. We have the lowest prices on batting machines on-line…guaranteed!

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