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JUGS Sting-Free Dimpled Softballs - Optic Game Yellow
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Sting-Free Dimpled Softballs

List Price: $50.00
Our Price: $50.00
You Save: $0.00
SKU #: B2015
  • Free Shipping! (Delivers in 7 - 14 business days)
  • Warranty: 
    1 Year Warranty
  • Sting free when hit
  • Designed for pitching machines
  • Great for indoor or outdoor use
  • Waterproof
  • Can be used for defensive drills also
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Please select either 11" or 12"
B2020 = 1 Dozen 11" Sting Free Softballs (Optic Game Yellow). B2015 = 1 Dozen 12" Sting Free Softballs (Optic Game Yellow).We are proud to offer FREE standard shipping within the continental U.S. (Delivers in 7 - 14 business days).
List Price: $50.00 Our Price: $50.00 You Save: $0.00 New

JUGS Sting-Free Dimpled Softballs

  • B2020 = 1 Dozen 11" Sting Free Softballs (Optic Game Yellow)
  • B2015 = 1 Dozen 12" Sting Free Softballs (Optic Game Yellow)

JUGS 11" & 12" Sting-Free Softballs - Dimpled Style in Yellow comes with a one-year guarantee.  These softballs come in the patented sting-free formula, which means they won't sting your hitter's hand when struck.  The JUGS 11 inch and 12 inch Sting-Free Dimpled Softballs will not dent aluminum bats and feel like a leather ball when hit.  They are the same size and weight as real leather 11" / 12"softballs.  The JUGS 11" Or 12"  Sting-Free Dimpled Softballs are made to have maximum performance when used in a JUGS softball pitching machine.

For maximum accuracy and performance in your pitching machine, JUGS Sting-Free practice balls are the best out there.  JUGS Sting-Free softballs feel like a real leather softball when you hit them, will not damage aluminum bats, and is sting free to the hitter’s hands.   They also come with a 1 year guarantee.  They come in baseball size, 11” softball dimple style, realistic-seam baseball, and 12” realistic seam softball.  They come in yellow and white colors.

About JUGS

JUGS ball-throwing machines are a common site on high school and college practice fields across the country. In fact,over 85,000 teams use a JUGS machine at their practices. That means the most widely used practice machines in the world are made by JUGS.

Choose the one that best fits your needs and see how JUGS & Unique-Sports can help you become the athlete  you can be. Don't forget, we offer FREE shipping on every order....that is what makes us Unique!

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