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The Breaking up of a Power Conference?

chris ·
The Breaking up of a Power Conference?

Unique Sports is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, the heart of Hawkeye and Big Ten country.  I have been a life-long Hawkeye fan through the thick and the thin.  I for one am excited of the recent talk of Nebraska moving to the Big Ten away from the Big 12.  It creates an instant rivalry between my beloved Iowa Hawkeyes and the Nebraska Cornhuskers.   Logistically it makes sense and it also makes sense financially for the Big Ten as they are now talking about creating a, what would be a very lucrative, league championship game and would broaden the reach of its cable television network.  It also makes sense financially for Nebraska as they would now receive an estimated $20 million in conference distributions versus the approximately $10 million received from the Big 12 Conference.

The Big 12 Conference officially formed in February 1994, so it doesn’t have a long and storied history.   It was formed out of what used to be the Big 8 Conference, which included powerhouses Oklahoma and Nebraska, and even though it does not have a long history it has created some great rivalries.  The Oklahoma vs. Texas game is a big game every year as a lot of times this has national title ramifications.   Even though I know this move makes sense financially for Nebraska and the Big 10, I hate to see these decisions being made based upon money and not giving any thought to tradition.  With that being said I can’t wait until the first Hawkeye versus Cornhusker game! 

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