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Brett Favre and the NFL Regular Season Return September 9th

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Brett Favre and the NFL Regular Season Return September 9th

As many expected, Brett Favre has returned to the Minnesota Vikings and the NFL for an amazing 20th season. The Viking organization could apparently no longer wait for Favre to make his decision, so they sent several of Bretts closest friends on the team down to his home in Hattiesburg, Mississippi to get an answer. Less than 24 hours later Brett Favre was on a private plane back to Minnesota. According to ESPN, the players sent to Hattiesburg to retrieve Favre, including defensive end Jarred Allen and kicker Ryan Longwell didn’t speak of wins and losses but how much fun the year could be. Apparently that’s all they needed to say because Favre was back taking snaps at Viking practice on Wednesday for the first time since their loss to the eventual Super Bowl Champion Saints in the playoffs last season.

The forty-year-old Farve will have exceedingly high expectations for this season after last year was considered to be possibly his best year in the league. The Minnesota Vikings were a win away from the Super Bowl last season and will be expected to be in a similar position this year with Favres return. As much as I respect Favre, it seems to me that there is plenty of potential for failure this season. His health and more specifically that of his surgically repaired right ankle will be a big talking point this season and opposing defenses will likely take notice. Many believe that the New Orleans Saints provided a blueprint for how to beat the Minnesota Vikings, by pressuring Favre and hitting him whenever possible. I’m sure Favre has realized this and sleeps a little better at night knowing that he has someone like Adrian Peterson in the backfield with him to relieve some of that pressure.

The 2010 NFL season is shaping up to be as entertaining as ever with the newsworthy storylines that nearly every team has provided. The NFL will kick off its 91st season on Thursday September 9th, when Brett Favre and his Minnesota Vikings will look for redemption against the New Orleans Saints. 

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