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NBA Free Agency Officially Underway

matt ·
NBA Free Agency Officially Underway

The start of NBA free agency officially tipped off this morning at 12:01 AM and will likely be the talk of the sports world until LeBron James makes his decision. In recent weeks new rumors have consistently surfaced about where James and other notable free agents may end up. Possibly the most interesting of these rumors is that of LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade all playing together in Miami. All three are free agents and Miami has the cap space to sign three max salary players. The numbers seem to work out but I, like many others, question how such an arrangement could possibly work. There simply would not be enough shots to go around to make everyone on that team happy. I also have to believe that wherever James ends up going, he will want to be THE man, similar to what he had going in Cleveland. That simply would not be possible in Miami where Dwayne Wade is already an established star and has won a championship.

The other teams that have emerged as serious contenders for James are the Knicks, Nets, Bulls and of course the Cavaliers. I must admit that as a Bulls fan, I think that Chicago is a perfect fit for James. If LeBron is serious about winning a championship then Chicago is his best bet. With a core group of young talent to surround him and the cap room to sign another quality player Chicago could be instant favorites to win an NBA championship.

The next few weeks will be interesting to watch because the market will likely be at a standstill until LeBron James makes his decision. Once he does so it will likely be chaos, as teams that rolled the dice to get James scramble to put together a plan B.

Notable Free Agents:

1.Lebron James

2.Dwayne Wade

3.Chris Bosh

4.Dirk Nowitzki

5.Amare Stoudemire

6.Joe Johnson

7.Carlos Boozer

8.Paul Pierce

9.David Lee

10. Ray Allen

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