Coach D Review: Sports Radar Gun Model SR3600

One of the smartest purchases I made for my youth baseball team was my Sports Radar Gun 3600.  I use this gun in my practices and also use a radar gun that is at our local batting cage facility (that is a much pricier radar gun) and I found them to be very close to each other in the speeds they are registering.  I do not use my radar gun to see how hard the kids are throwing, I use the radar gun to check on pitch speed differentials between fastballs, curveballs, and change-ups.  Changing speeds is one of the most critical things a pitcher needs to do.  If a pitcher only has one speed, no matter how hard, eventually good hitters will get their timing on it.  We spend a lot of time at practice measuring the speed of the fastball and then making sure the off speed pitches are 6-10 MPH slower than their fastball.  The Sports Radar Gun 3600 is very accurate in measuring this.  Additionally, it is very light weight and portable to take to practices.This...