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UPDATE: www.Unique-Sports.com

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UPDATE: www.Unique-Sports.com

For the last several weeks (OK…months)…Unique-Sports has been going through a massive overhaul. The dust hasn’t completely settled from the construction, and the site still has that “new car smell”, but we have been very pleased with the direction and the progress. That being said, we are FAR from done. In the upcoming weeks, we will continue to refine and enhance the new design of the website, we will be greatly expanding our product offerings (look for more consumer level products like gloves, bats, and balls), and we will be developing a new customer service oriented model for our customers.

Long story short: Unique-Sports continues to go through dramatic and exciting changes and the best is yet to come….

Unique-Sports has been a trusted, but little known resource for athletic equipment, training aids, and sports facility equipment for over 13 years. Our team is comprised of former athletes, current coaches, and sports enthusiasts that have hands on experience in the use  of  most of the products we sell. We plan to harness this invaluable experience and funnel it directly into the user experience on our redesigned web site. Neat, huh?

Help us spread the word. Visit www.Unique-Sports.com and then tell your friends on Facebook, tell your co-workers, tell your family, tell your kids to tell their friends to tell their families....heck I don't care who you tell....just tell someone (and tell them to tell someone).

Also, I humbly request you share this site with any youth coaches you may know...we have an amazing line-up of pitching machines, field accessories, and practice equipment for team sports. With no shipping charges (ever), and the lowest prices online (guaranteed), it seems to me like you would be doing them a disservice by NOT telling them. You are better than that.

Right now we have great specials on recreational volleyball sets for a limited time. We also have a great selection of backyard soccer goals, driveway basketball systems, and just about anything you could think of to help your little slugger improve his batting average (well, almost anything...we are out of stock on "hand/eye coordination" and it appears "natural talent" has been discontinued).

Remember, our prices, selection, and quality are unbeatable - but our love of the game... that's what makes us UNIQUE!

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