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The Net Return



In 1987, Paul Crawley and his twin brother Matt embarked on the journey that would eventually lead them to the invention of the best sports net on the market with the unique “S” shaped frame design and ball return feature that defines The Net Return today. Matt and Paul continued to develop the product over the years to encompass multiple sports – not just football but golf, soccer, baseball, softball and lacrosse.

The value and backyard application of one multi-sport net was evident. First and foremost in their minds was quality. They moved from a PVC frame design, to steel (too heavy) and ultimately to what comprises the frame today – tubular aluminum. Significant changes were also made to the netting, transitioning away from the traditional nylon used in the majority of today’s sport nets to heavyweight polyester. This change provides significant benefits in strength, durability, UV protection and safety.

After thousands of hour’s field testing the product with training facilities, high schools, colleges and universities, professional sport teams, parents and athletes – rapid setup and breakdown also became a priority. This feedback led to the development of the Push Button “Quick Color Connect System”. The simple matching of tube colors allows a single individual to setup (or breakdown) a Pro Series training net in under 5 minutes.

The Net Return officially “unveiled” the Pro Series at the 2008 PGA Merchandise Show in January, which is the largest golf industry show in the world. The response was overwhelming positive.