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Unique Sports Holiday Wish List 2016

Unique Sports Holiday Wish List 2016
At Unique Sports we provide the very best pitching machines, soccer goals and institutional equipment for High Schools, Colleges, professional organizations and facilities, but that doesn’t make any one of our customers more important than another. From a Major League Baseball team to a parent looking for a Christmas present for their kids, we have the right products and people in place to help you with any of your holiday shopping needs. Be sure to order by December 10th to guarantee Christmas delivery with our free standard shipping. If the ship time is a concern, upgrade to one of our expedited shipping options at checkout to get it there even faster.  Unique Sports Smart Pro Personal Sports Radar The Smart Pro Personal Sports Radar is affordable and effective for measuring bat speed and pitch speed among other uses and a variety of different sports including Soccer, Lacrosse, Tennis, Hockey and Golf! This device can be used by one individual with the hands-free...

Introducing MaxBP Pitching Machines

Introducing MaxBP Pitching Machines
Unique Sports is happy to introduce the MaxBP line of reaction training machines as a Unique addition to our pitching machine selection! MaxBP was developed to get the very best out of hitters as a cost and time effective tool, while also keeping drills fun for players of all ages. Make the most of your reaction training with MaxBP and improve vision and reaction time for any sport! Hand-eye coordination is a skill that can be taught and the MaxBP machine is the training tool for the job. The MaxBP feeder has multiple distance and speed settings making MaxBP the ideal practice companion for hitters of all levels. The MaxBP reaction training pitching machines can be made as challenging as you desire with adjustable pitch speeds from 30 to 140 mph as well as offering a variety of different pitches. The MaxBP is capable of throwing both fastballs and curveballs at various speed settings. Increase the speed settings for elite level athletes or lower the speed for a fun pitching...

KWIK GOAL 8’ X 24’ Academy Goal

Can the KWIK GOAL 8’ X 24’ Academy Goal be assembled and disassembled for storage purposes?

The Kwik Goal 2B5006 can be disassembled for storage, but we would only recommend doing so if this is for storage only a few times a year. You would have to remove bolts to disassemble this product. We do have more portable full size goal options available. 


JUGS Lite Flite Machine

Can the JUGS Lite Flite Machine use real baseballs and softballs?

No, the JUGS Lite Flite only uses JUGS lite flite baseballs or softballs.

JUGS A0600 Toss Machine

Can the JUGS A0600 Toss Machine be used with both Baseballs & Softballs and does it come with a remote?

The JUGS A0600 Toss Machine can be used with both baseballs and softballs. 

However, JUGS no longer makes a remote for the toss machine. It is only available without the remote.