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Baseball: Effective Pitching
28 Jan, 2014

Baseball: Effective Pitching

Different Baseball PitchesIn the sport of baseball, there is so much more to pitching than just throwing a ball to the batter. A lot of behind-the-scenes planning and practicing their craft must happen for a pitcher to become effective. In addition to learning and perfecting many different types of pitches, a pitcher must also work with the rest of his team to stop bases from being stolen and just be generally aware of where the other team’s base runners are at all times.Each type of pitch...

Used Sports Equipment

It is no joke that sports equipment can be highly expensive. And when a family has several kids in several different sports, it can sure seem like that’s all your money goes towards. Trying to find ways to save money is important these days, so that’s why the used sporting equipment has become so popular in recent years. But there are some things to keep in mind when purchasing used sporting goods and fitness equipment.Brand nameWhen it comes to sporting and fitness equipment, buying brand...

Taunting in Sports

Some people think sports is all about winning, some think it’s all about having fun. But if you can have fun and win at the same time, isn’t that the ultimate goal? With that said, is it possible to just have good, clean fun without the bullying and taunting that seems to be so prevalent in sports (both adult and children’s’) these days?We’ve all heard about the angry parents who taunt the referees at their kids’ sporting matches, sometimes going so far as resorting to violence. And as the...
Fueling for Performance
09 Jan, 2014

Fueling for Performance

How?  Eat real food, not just real food but select real foods, follow these rulesIf it is fresh and green, eat it!If it had a face, eat it!If it was made in a factory, put it down!Green (purple, red, orange, yellow, white, too!)Leafy greens, root vegetables, peppers, avocados, broccoli, cauliflower, squash and so much more.  Explore your local markets for what the farmers are growing and selling this is the stuff to eat.  These foods provide dense and complex carbohydrates that...