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Great Win for the Blackhawks, but When will it be the Cubs Turn?

chris ·
Great Win for the Blackhawks, but When will it be the Cubs Turn?

This week the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup ending a drought that dates back to 1961, so 49 odd years.  The city of Chicago is going to have a parade and preparing themselves for an onslaught of happy supporters to the downtown area to support their Blackhawks.  I am happy for the Blackhawks, but I will have to admit I am not a hockey fan.  I am however a diehard Chicago Cubs fan, who has their own version of a draught going. 

The last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series Championship was 1908 and the last time Cubs went to the World Series was 1945.  Unfortunately for me I was not alive to witness either of those events.  Everyone wants to say the Cubs are cursed by “The Billy Goat Curse” or “The Steve Bartman Curve”, but I say they just haven’t put good enough teams on the field in quite a while to win or compete in a World Series.

The Cubs have been to the playoffs 6 times in the last 65 years (since the last time they made it to the World Series).  For the most part they haven’t even been competitive in those post season series, only making the playoffs due to a weak division.  The closest they have been to a World Series was in 2003 (The Steve Bartman year).  Everyone wants to blame Bartman for interfering with Moises Alou on that foul ball, but people don’t remember the much bigger play where Alex Gonzales made a huge error on a routine ground ball that was much more costly than the “Bartman” play.  That is just the Cubs choking and nothing to do with a curse.

I am an avid Cubs fan and will continue to watch them until the end of the season, even though they are usually out of the playoff race before the end of June.  I for one feel the new ownership has made a commitment to win financially, so things are looking rosier in Wrigleyville.  I think it is time for a new manager and to dump the existing veterans and start a youth movement.  It might be painful for a few years, but with the new ownership’s commitment I think you could see the Cubs in a World Series in the next five years.  And if they don’t make it to a World Series, as all Cubs fans say “Wait until next year”!

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