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At least you can talk like a volleyball player...

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At least you can talk like a volleyball player...

It seems that every sport has it's own unique language when it comes to trash talking, and volleyball is no exception. Next time you are at the net, I want you to be prepared to at least sound like you know what you are doing. I have assembled a quick list of some of the more "colorful" volleyball terms commonly used in our neck of the woods. This "volleyball vocab" tutorial won't help your game, but if you can "talk the talk", maybe your opponents won't laugh at you quite as hard the next time a "6-Pack" is delivered to you (which isn't as pleasant as it sounds):

Defense isn't just to keep de-dogs in de-yard:
  1. Campfire (or Campfire Defense):  When a volleyball ends up on the court between 2 or more players, it is often times referred to as a "Campfire". When the ball hits the court, there is a moment or two when  it looks like the players are standing around and staring dumbfounded at a campfire. Occasionally song breaks out, however eating hot dogs or s'mores during game play are considered poor sportsmanship.
  2. Husband & Wife Play: A volleyball drops untouched between two players because they failed to communicate;  the situation generally will not improve unless somebody apologizes or get's Dr. Phil involved.
  3. King Kong Block: A wild, forceful, one-handed block. The name is reflective of the way King Kong swatted at those biplanes in the original movie.
  4. Redwood: A "redwood" is a tall, but not particularly agile, blocker. If you have a few of Redwoods on the other side of the net (a"Redwood National Park"), you may be in a position to play "Lumberjack" by spiking the ball at their feet, often resulting in a "Campfire"….see how it all comes together?
  5. Sizzle The Pits: A hard spike that travels past blocker's raised arms. 
Ouch Charlie…that really hurt:
  1. Chester: To be be caught unaware and smacked in the chest with the ball.
  2. Six Pack: A 6 pack occurs when a blocker gets hit in the head or face by a spiked ball. Also known simply as a "facial" or "Tachikara tattoo;" if the victim has to come out of the game, it's a "facial disgracial."
  3. Friendly Fire: Being hit in the head with the volleyball unintentionally (or so they say) by a teammate's serve.
  4. Collateral Damage: The act of wiping out one or more of your own teammates in an effort to make a play on the volleyball, often resulting in injury or at least hurt feelings.
  5. $10K Winner: Named after the prize money awarded to the weekly winner of the American Funniest Home Videos, this refers to any spike in which the volleyball hits the victim below the belt and above the knees…often times resulting in comical squeals of pain and rolling around on the court.
I want to be, under the sea:
  1. Fish: When a player goes up for a spike or a block and ends up tangled up in the net, this player is affectionately called a "fish".  If the player commits a very flagrant net violation (intentionally or otherwise), he or she is called a "tuna". 
  2. Whale:  Is the act of trying to kill the volleyball.  There is usually at least one "Whaler" on every team, and they will viciously attack the poor innocent little volleyball any time it gets near to him/her. 
  3. Prince / Princess of Whales: Once this pattern of behavior is established, this individual is often crowned either the "Prince of Whales", or the "Princess of Whales", and everyone else will just resign themselves to the fact that his or her highness will attempt to spike the ball as hard as possible no matter what. They will smack the volleyball with maximum force without regard for the blocker's location, the score, ball position, or their teammates wishes. 
  4. Sand Crab: A beach volleyball player who spends more time horizontal on the sand than vertical. This is the player who usually dives for every ball, no matter how realistic it is that they can make a play…but at least they look cool.
  5. Chum/Bait/Fish Food: This poor sap is usually a weekend wally who is paired with a better player in hopes the opposing team targets the "weak link". The better player (who the other team tries not to hit the ball to), will position him or herself in a spot that they can take full advantage of the balls being sent towards the weaker player.
To serve man…:
  1. Floater: A serve with which has absolutely no spin on the volleyball, which causes the volleyball to "float" over the net, therefore moving in an erratic path instead of dropping directly into the opposing team’s court. This is similar to a "knuckle ball" pitch in baseball.
  2. Lollipop: A very soft serve; if you serve too many you get licked.
  3. Rainbow: A soft serve over the blockers that arcs like a rainbow. If an individual serves like this often, they are called "Judy" in tribute to the late Judy Garland…a woman who knows a thing or two about rainbows.
  4. Pit Sizzler: A hard low serve that screams right by a blockers outstretched arms.
  5. Ronnie Reagan: OK…now this one is just down right disrespectful (but it is funny). A "Ronnie" is the player that has to ask on EVERY serve: "What's the score again"? After the third or fourth consecutive serve, and the same question being asked each time…one can only assume the poor player must be suffering from Alzheimer's. 
A few more…just for fun:
  1. Foul: A violation of the rules of volleyball...or a chicken...you decide which one is relevant.
  2. Billy Ball: Any volleyball game with people who don't really know how to play volleyball. Also commonly referred to as "Picnic Volleyball", " "Weekend Wally-Ball", or "11 other guys standing around drinking beer".
  3. Picasso: When the hitter swings hard but only "brushes" the bottom of the volleyball; the ball often drops behind the blockers for a kill. A true artist.
  4. Shank: A godawful pass that flies up into the cheap seats....or in the case of my golf game, anywhere else the ball is not supposed to be.
  5. Dink: Not only is it a legal push of the volleyball around or over blockers....it is also just fun to say. Dink. Dink. Dink.
  6. Dump: A surprise offensive hit, usually by the setter on the second shot, pushed over the net when the opponent would normally expect the volleyball to be set. Also: My first apartment.
Every time you set up your Park & Sun recreational volleyball set in the backyard or at the beach, people understand (or assume) you are serious about the game of volleyball…after all Park & Sun is synonymous with recreational volleyball systems, and if you own one, you MUST know what you are doing. Don't shatter the illusion when you open your mouth. Add a little attitude to your game. If I missed any of your favorites, send them my way.
If you don't already own a Park & Sun volleyball system, call us at 1-800-297-0747. We can answer any questions you might have or make recommendations on volleyball systems that will fit your needs and budget.
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