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National League Finally Ends Drought

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National League Finally Ends Drought

The National League ended their 13 year drought in the mid-summer classic with a 3-1 victory over the American League.  Brian McCann hit a base clearing 3 run double in the 7th inning to put the NL up for good.  Amazingly in the storied history of the All Star Game it was the first base clearing double ever recorded.  This timely hit coupled with very good pitching from young pitchers like Umbaldo Jimenez of the Colorado Rockies and Jonathon Broxton of the Los Angeles Dodgers was enough to end this inexplicable drought.

Unlike the glorified exhibition game that is the NBA and NFL All Star Games, the Major League Baseball All Star Game has significant meaning.  Since 2003 the winning side of the All Star Game has held home field advantage in the World Series.  That is a huge advantage in a 7 game series.  Amazingly with this on the line the American League won all 7 of those games in which home field was decided for the World Series.  Unfortunately with the current format I think too much is riding on this one game that takes place in the middle of the season, the commissioner needs to make some changes to it.

As I stated above having the home field advantage in a 7 game series is huge.  This one game decides that home field advantage and the rosters are left up to fan voting.  This makes it so it is a popularity contest versus always getting in the best players to participate in the game.  Also there is a rule that a player must be chosen from each team.  That creates the problem of individuals getting into the All Star Game that do not deserve to be on the roster.  Now they are getting into the game and deciding home field advantage for the World Series. 

I think there are too many contradictions with the current format.  I would like to see one of two formats.  Either it goes back to the format that it is an exhibition game and let the fans pick who they want to see and it just become fun again.  In this scenario home field advantage for the World Series can be decided by the overall interleague play record.    Or the voting is taken out of the fans hand and put into the hands of the managers that will manage the All Star Game.  This will ensure the best players are in the game and it isn't just a popularity contest.  Either one of these formats will make the All Star Game credible again.  

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