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Why Should I Buy A JUGS Pitching Machine?

Why Should I Buy A JUGS Pitching Machine?
If you do research on pitching machines you are going to quickly notice that JUGS is not the cheapest machine out there. This often brings up the question, “Why should I spend the extra money to buy a JUGS machine?” You need to understand why JUGS machines are more expensive in order to make the decision if a JUGS machine is right for you. Part of the reason they are more expensive is their prestigious history. Below is a little bit of the JUGS history. ...

Coach D Review: JUGS Lite Flite Pitching Machine

I have been using my JUGS Lite Flite Machine for just over 3 years and it has helped me run a much more efficient indoor practice.  I first incorporated it by having indoor batting practice.  Our gym has a net that will split it in half, so I pull the net out set the machine up and have them take 12 swings on fastballs, 12 swings on curveballs, and then have them bunt 12 pitches.  I have 3 boys spread out in the gym to shag the balls.  I put the machine approximately 25 feet from the hitter in order to avoid the balls from "floating" in.  A draw back is if you set the machine too far back the balls will have the appearance of floating in, which is very difficult to hit.  The hitters adjust pretty quickly to it being this close and it actually helps with developing quick hands.I now have started using the machine for defensive purposes also.  It is very good for teaching catchers to block pitches and also is good for catchers to work on framing...