Unique Perspective: Practice Pitching Mounds

Unique Perspective: Practice Pitching Mounds
In the last few years I have discovered the benefits of using a practice portable pitching mound. A regulation high school or professional pitching mound is to be raised 10 inches higher than home plate. A practice-pitching mound is only raised 4 inches above home plate (or ground level). The dimensions of a typical practice-pitching mound are 4 inches high by 3 feet deep by 3 feet wide. You can get “game” portable pitching mounds much closer to the regulation dimensions of a real pitching mound, however the big difference between these and a practice mound is price. A practice mound can be purchased in the $300-$400 range and a portable game pitching mound will be in the $800-$3,000 price range. ...

Indoor practice mounds, cold weather state necessary evil

Purchasing an indoor practice pitching mound is a very large investment.  Most successful youth, high school, or college programs have these mounds for indoor practice.  If you are fortunate enough to be in a warmer weather state you can invest this money elsewhere, however in those cold weather states it is a necessary evil!  A good indoor practice mound will cost a program over $1,000, but as pitchers get older it is very critical when they are practicing pitching they use a mound.  Practicing pitching in the off-season is critical and to properly work on mechanics you need to pitch off of a mound.  It is typical that at the age of 13 kids will start pitching off mounds for games.  Up until that point they are throwing off of flat ground, so an indoor mound is not necessary.  Once a child starts using a mound, throwing off flat ground is not nearly as effective.  Simulating throwing "downhill" off the mound for practice is critical.  It...