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Which Football Machine is Right for Me?

Football machines are great - they have the ability to throw balls all day long. Some can punt, some can simulate kickoffs. But the question arises: which one is right for you? Unique Sports is here to help you choose the right football machine for your school, rec club or back yard.

Here's a chart to take a quick look at which machine does what:

The Basics

There are three major football machines. JUGS, reknown for their baseball pitching machines, makes two of those. FirstPitch, also primarily known for great pitching machines, makes the third. They cover a wide range of features and prices. Let's go through a few of those and qualify what they mean:

Kick-Offs (End-over-End)

If having a machine that is capable of simulating kick-offs is important to you, make sure your machine has this feature. This means that the machine is capable of sending a ball travelling through the air end-over-end rather than in a tight spiral, just like a kickoff.

Supported Machines:

  • FirstPitch Quarterback Machine
  • JUGS Football Machine

Throwing Distance

This is the distance that our football machines will throw a pass. The JUGS Field General isn't made to cover the entire field, but the other two will throw up to 80 yards with ease.

Machine Specifics:

  • FirstPitch Quarterback Machine: 20 - 80 Yards
  • JUGS Field General: 5 - 50 Yards
  • JUGS Football Machine: 5 - 80 Yards

Hang Time

If the time the ball hangs in the air before it's picked up by your receiver is important to you, this category explains it.

Machine Specifics:

  • FirstPitch Quarterback Machine: variable
  • JUGS Field General: 5 seconds
  • JUGS Football Machine: 7.5 seconds




How much the machine weighs.

Machine Specifics:

  • FirstPitch Quarterback Machine: 125 lbs.
  • JUGS Field General: 97 lbs.
  • JUGS Football Machine: 127 lbs.

Transport Wheel

This ingenious device is a wheel mounted toward the back of the machine allows you to carry the football machine without a cart! If portability is important, consider this feature.

Supported Machines:

  • JUGS Field General
  • JUGS Football Machine


This one is easy - each of our football machines is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 5 years. 5 glorious years of football throwing.

Speed Adjustments

All three football machines we carry feature a speed dial, allowing you to speed up or slow down those passes on the fly!


The motor is the heart of the football machine, and without it, your beautiful machine would just look pretty. Single-motor systems spin both wheels with a single motor, while dual-motor systems feature a motor for each wheel. This eliminates the chance that the shaft connecting the wheels to the motor will break.

Machine Specifics:

  • FirstPitch Quarterback Machine: 2 motors, 1/3 hp each
  • JUGS Field General: 1 motor, 1/4 hp
  • JUGS Football Machine: 1 motor, 1/4 hp


The swivel is the left-right range of motion for the head of the machine - the wider this is, the more coverage you have on the field. All of our machines are admirable on this.

Machine Specifics:

  • FirstPitch Quarterback Machine: Wide swivel
  • JUGS Field General: 180° swivel
  • JUGS Football Machine: 180° swivel


All of our football machines can simulate punts, giving your coach a greater control over field drills!


All of our football machines are great values, and we work hard to offer the lowest prices on the Internet (remember, shipping is free in the continental 48 states!). Also remember to check our actual football machines, as our prices are subject to change.

Machine Specifics:

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