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Zooka Pitching Machine Matrix



Recommended age5 to 11 years5 to 18 years
Pitch TypeFastballsFastballs
  5 Programmed levels of changeups
Ball Type / Typical Max. SpeedReal Baseballs / 50 mphReal Baseballs / 70 mph
 Dimple Balls 5oz / 50 mphDimple Balls 5oz / 70 mph
 Dimple Balls 4oz / 57 mphDimple Balls 4oz / 76 mph
 Tennis Balls / 70 mphTennis Balls / 93 mph
Adjustability, SpeedYes, 10 mph to Max. SpeedYes, 10 mph to Max. Speed
Repeatability +/-1 mph1 mph
Digital Speed ReadoutYes, each pitchYes, each pitch
Pitch distance20 feet to 60 feet20 feet to 60 feet
Max throw distance (Baseball)130 feet200 feet
Max height popup (Baseball)75 feet120 feet
Standard Tripod *  
Pitch release height26 inches43 inches
PanYes 360 degreesYes 360 degrees
TiltYes 2 to 80 degreesYes 2 to 80 degrees
* optional tripods available  
Internal rechargeable batteryincludedincluded
Throws per charge (baseballs)Approx.Approx.
40 mph700700
50 mph600600
70 mphNA500
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